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           With the blessing of Lord Mahavir and Shri Anand Rishiji Maharajji, we have formed a 'Jain Social Organization(JSO)'. Jain Social Organization is an emerging organization formed by six enthusiastic individuals; all coming from a close knit business family.
          The value of entrepreneurship were etched deeply on our mind during the growing age of ours. Right that time we also understood that social presence is similarly important. Due to the similar interest, we all have joined together and formed Jain Social Organization, a specialized organization purely form social development.
          Our main aim is to unite the Jain Community with the help of strong communication media full-fledged database like name,contact details, number of persons in family and blood group of individuals etc. This information will be utilized for social purpose like blood requirement, employment and matrimonial service and much more....
          Our group have always believe that nothing relieves alxiety faster than the action; hence we request you to support us by giving the required data in prescribed form.

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